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The New-Comer

Posted on Sat Jun 1st, 2024 @ 6:07pm by Ashe Zachariah & Lieutenant Commander William Cole

Mission: Lower Decks
Timeline: Prior to Now

Behind the scenes of the fight club was chaotic, but it was a chaos she had become accustomed to after being here every night for the last week. Having spent the bulk of her time on the surface with a small group of friends, Ashe had spent the time drifting through activity after activity with them, including nights watching the matches here. Tonight though, it seemed there was a new comer, a human.

That wasn't entirely surprising. There had been one or two others that had fancied themselves to be competitive enough to enter the alien fight arena... but this one was different. He stood out.

Head turning as she walked by, Ashe found herself staring at him, taking a few backward steps before stopping to watch him in mesmerized silence for a few moments as he danced about, punching the air in front of him.

"Ashe! Move your ass!"

The sound of Sabrina's voice caught her attention, and apparently his as well, a hint of colour rising in Ashe's cheeks as he caught her staring. With a grin, Ashe turned on her heel and walked toward her friends, joining the laughter before casting one last glance back over her shoulder toward him.

Will was bouncing on his feet trying to get the blood flowing. This was his third fight of the night and he was starting to feel the effects of his previous bouts.

As his opponent entered the ring Will began to size him up, 'The way he walks indicates he's a striker not a kicker, target the legs. Muscle pattern when he clinches his fists indicates the throws everything behind one single punch. Halsey Doctrine, hit hard, fast and often.'

The ding of the bell indicating the start of the match snapped Will out of his analytics and straight into the task at hand. Twisting his head around to pop and loosen his neck as well as "reloading his arms" as they called it, by the time he made it to the center of the ring he was ready to go.

His opponent's first move was a full force punch straight to Will's face. Will ducked and side stepped out of the way while simultaneously brining his right fist up and into his opponent's stomach doubling him over quickly followed up by a left cross to his opponent's temple. Will's next strike was to bring his knee up into the inside of his opponent's thigh again quickly followed up with a second strike, this time to the back of his opponent's head with his right elbow. As his opponent staggered forward Will quickly turned around to face him delivering a well timed spartan kick to his chest sending him back against the edge of the ring. When his opponent gathered his senses he quickly conceded the match.

With the match over, and in record time, Ashe excused herself from the group and wandered back into the alcoves behind the arena, glancing around as she moved, careful to remain out of distance of most of the fighters who were warming up for their own matches to come. Finally, after a few minutes of searching, Ashe found the human she'd seen earlier. She leaned against the wall for a moment, just watching him as he unwrapped his hands. "Not bad... for a human," she finally said with an easy grin.

Will turned to see the person who spoke her colorful hair catching his eye. He chuckled, "Definitely helps when you're faster." He grabbed a towel from his locker and began to wipe the sweat off his face, "I'm sorry I didn't catch your name?"

"I didn't throw it," she responded with a smirk before taking another step forward and holding out her hand. "Ashe."

Will smirked at the response and took the very attractive lady's hand, "William Cole, my friends call me Will."

"So now that you've won your little match, you planning to celebrate?" She asked with a grin.

Will's smirk returned, "That depends on the company...I can't stay too long though. I've got to report in for a new assignment."

"Where have you been assigned?" Ashe's curiosity was peaked. "There's only a few Federation ships about out here currently."

Will had finished wiping the sweat from his face and neck and started to change into a clean shirt, "USS Astraea as her Chief Tactical Officer." He finished pulling his shirt down and noticed an odd look on Ashe's face, "Know her by chance?"

Ashe grinned. "I should, I've been on board for the last four years," she replied easily. "I run the lounge, the Raging Deity."

Will perked up, "You don't say? I might just have to check the place out. I'm always in the need for a good watering hole." He turned and grabbed his bag out of the locker, tossing it over his shoulder, "Well Ashe, would you care to show me the way to the ship, maybe grab a drink on the way?"

"Only if you're buying!"


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