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In The Event Of My Death

Posted on Wed May 5th, 2021 @ 9:03pm by Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia



Evelyn sat herself in front of her terminal and brushed her bangs back from the front of her face and smiled at the camera pickup, then reached out and hit the record button.

"Hi, my name is Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia and if you're reading this, I've been reported as dead." She stopped for a couple seconds before starting back up, "This is intended to be my Last Will and Testament in the event of my death and yadda yadda, replaces previous and all that sort of legalese that someone can really preface."

She sighed and settled back slightly in the chair, "Mom, Dad, Vee, Dahj and Maud, I love you guys and I hope you all know that I don't regret anything that brought me to this. I love what I do, well, did, and I knew the risks, risks that we all take here. Tell Dreva that I do regret not giving what we'd had a shot in the past, who knows what could have been?" She shrugged.

"My belongings, I leave to Mom and Dad to deal with, I really don't care what happens since after all, I'm dead! Well, all but that stuffed Troshan, that goes to Dahjol, since he tried to steal it from me when he was three and knew it was my most precious possession."

Evelyn straightened up in her seat a bit before continuing, "To Captain Andrew Vernet I leave the contents of my personal database and all the projects it contains, complete, incomplete and the gazillions of random ideas I came up with. You know what to do with the um... 'Interesting' bits of my database, clear my search history and all." She winked at the camera.

"And if for some reason Rozia survived and the new Host is viewing this message, don't listen to Jidressa or Arcturus and their stories of what I've done. They lie!" Evelyn laughed, "But then again, you already know it all because after all, you're me. Learn from my mistakes, and those previously made and know that we are there with you if and when you need us."

She glanced at the time display and sighed, "Right, I think that's it. If I've missed anything, I authorize Starfleet to see to its disposition and discretion, because why not?" She flashed the brightest smile she could manage, "Again, my name is Evelyn Rozia, Chief Engineer of the USS Astraea. And Quae est infernum, et sic avolare."

She reached out and hit the stop button before leaning back and thinking before sending it to the queue to be sent to the Starfleet database for just in case. She'd had a good couple hours to spare before they were due to leave for the Delta Quadrant, "What the hell..." She said softly, pushing herself to her feet, it was time to go to work, "Let it fly."


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