Lieutenant Mica Rue

Name Mica Rue

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Mon Jan 31st, 2022 @ 7:06pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Enaran (previously disguised as Trill)
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown with streaks of red
Eye Color Brown with Green outer rim
Physical Description Fair skin, smooth lined face, Mica is always put together. Her hair is always brushed and put up off her face, her nails buffed and trimmed. She is of a medium build but light in stature. Until recently she used a dermal enhancer to add spots onto her face and neck, a habit of making her red spots around her eyes and forehead seem more trill. In anticipation of certain encounters, she still makes herself look trill.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Koran Rue
Mother Mari Bin
Brother(s) Selin Rue
Yolan Rue
Batan Rue
Other Family biological parent's names are unknown to Mica.
Adopted grandparents and a smattering of uncles and aunts and cousins were always around Mica on trill.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mica is generally a very pleasant person to be around. Her quick smiles can easily be replaced by stoic seriousness when necessity demands. She is open and inviting to others, making opportunities for herself and those under her to teach and learn.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- friendly, Mica is able to put those around her at ease.
- intelligent and quick to learn.

- to outside observers, Mica comes across as a little mad - she has the tendency to hum or sing while she works, and is often seen talking to the bigger machinery as though they are plants.
- When in the thrall of her music, she can become despondent to everything else around her.
Ambitions Mica longs for family - that of her biological family. Without even a name of her parents, the woman wants to put faces and labels to her original life.

Professionally, Mica would not ignore the possibility of a more scientific or constructive use. She enjoys engineering thoroughly and hopes that engineering on a starship will allow for more unorthodox methods of building, creating and repairing
Hobbies & Interests As an Enaran, Mica is naturally attuned to music. She plays several instruments and easily learns others after only moments with them. This ability also allows her to pick up on more harmonious languages, which she enjoys exploring. She can often be found in the holodeck during her spare time, watching operas in various languages or joining group jam sessions.

She also explores with re-inventing or modifying the great masters creations, especially Earths daVinci's flying machines.

Personal History Adopted by Koran and Mari when she was only a few days old, Mica was raised as a trill from then on. Her parents concealed her true parentage by altering her appearance (adding spots to make her look trill). They explained the more red look of her spots and other peculiarities (hair color and a-typical looks) by saying she had suffered an illness as an infant.

Mica was raised in a well-bred household, her natural musical abilities and creative tendencies nurtured with the best tutors, schooling and materials. Her parents supported her inclinations, her brothers smothering their baby sister with everything she needed or wanted.

A bright child, Mica often found trouble, earlier in life from her unknowing ability to input memories into others minds, later from her spoiled attitude.

A major incident which almost resulted in her brother's death by her mistake broke her of the spoiled attitude and instilled gratitude and compassion into her. Since then, she has made the effort to provide comfort to those who need it with her ability to ease their nightmares with dreams of pleasure and peace.

It was not revealed to Mica that she was really Enaran until later in life, until after she had graduated from Starfleet Academy. As such, she still uses the dermal wand to add trill markings within some circles (especially when returning home). With each ship, she disguises her appearance less and less. The Astrea will be the first ship she has been truly herself.
Service Record Age 24 - Masters in Music theory & composition
Age 26 - graduated from Starfleet Academy (specialty in engineering and linguistics). Assigned to Star base 74.
Age 29 - transferred to Star Base 375 near Cardassia Prime and Bajor. Promoted to Assistant Engineering Chief
Age 34 - Transferred to USS Astrea